Category: Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games

  • Horse and Cart

    Horse and Cart

    Managed to get Horse and Cart working in UE4.

  • Manic Marble prototype coming together

    Manic Marble prototype coming together

    This week I made a lot of progress with my Marble game which has a working title of Manic Marble. Still not sure if I will keep that. I’ve now added two levels and since I managed a spectacular move on the second level I decided to upload the video. This is the whole game […]

  • Environment Design (ICTGAM521) now complete.

    Environment Design (ICTGAM521) now complete.

    This unit took a while to complete due to the complexities (crashes, bugs, glitches) of using UDK and the limited number of assets I had access to.

  • HUD Design (ICTGAM501) Progressing Well

    HUD Design (ICTGAM501) Progressing Well

    After running out of work to do the Tutors gave me the unit on doing a HUD design. I had already completed the first assessment in the unit leaving only the Technical Design and Implementation assessments to do and so I am working on them at the moment. Things left that I need or want […]

  • Lip Sync Animation

    Lip Sync Animation

    My first animation pass was missing a bit of the mouth movements but I have tried to fix this in the second pass. I’m sure this could be improved further but its a much nicer result now. This is what I have submitted.

  • Animation Blocking First Pass Done

    Animation Blocking First Pass Done

    After many hours (possibly around 40-50) I have finally finished the blocking first pass for the 6 animations that I needed to do. The animations required were Idle, Walk, Run, Jump, Melee, Death all while holding a weapon, and though I am sure there are problems, possibly even going further than blocking in some cases […]