CloneForce (working title) progress

Over the last week I have been working on a platform game. I previously tried starting this project with both Unity and UE4 but the output of these engines can be rather bloated for a 2D game.

As I wanted to reduce the bloat I decided to try out another game engine which I had heard around the internet, Godot.

I started with trying to convert my marble game which was made using UE4 and is supposed to be for mobile devices, and this was one of the reasons I started looking for another game engine after seeing the final size of my unfinished mobile game being almost 1GB. Though there may be methods of reducing the size I felt I would always be fighting a battle with this and with people not wanting such a bloated game on their devices.

I will continue working on the conversion of the mobile game which already has some of the functionality working but I also decided to look at making another project I had planned to work on many times, the good ol’ platformer.

I started and stopped working on a platformer several times but with Godot I think the interest is now sticking. I have a lot of the major platformer mechanics working already and many other mechanics planned.

Mechanics such as the staples: moving, jumping, ladders, jumping for a small period after walking off a platform and camera lerp have already been added, as well as destructible tiles which will be a core feature of the platform game I am working on. This was made super easy with Godot as the tilemap functionality is built in which greatly reduces the work I have to do.

I will try to bring more updates to the progress soon.





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