HUD Design (ICTGAM501) Progressing Well

After running out of work to do the Tutors gave me the unit on doing a HUD design. I had already completed the first assessment in the unit leaving only the Technical Design and Implementation assessments to do and so I am working on them at the moment.

Things left that I need or want to do are:

  • Add visual trim (main task)
  • Hookup health/mana to UI elements (not too hard)
  • Change health to be a bar instead of globe (I think I would prefer this over two globes)
  • Change layout slightly after health bar change
  • Add experience bar
  • Make mana regenerate (may make health regenerate too)
  • Change grenade pickup to be a mana pickup
  • Change skills to perform the attack (at the moment it will still shoot. I don’t plan on changing the other models)

Some of this work isn’t needed but I feel it would make it a more complete assessment response.

Update: Here is the latest version of the HUD.






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